Stevia Grown In Australia

Victoria Australia

Phone: 0419 371 666 (outside Australia +61 419 371 666)

Welcome to Austevia -the home of the first commercially produced stevia crop in Australia.

Stevia is a perennial herb which is grown for its sweet leaves, making it an ideal natural sweetener and a better choice than chemical and artificial sweeteners.

Austevia is located in Victoria, Australia.

Austevia is the first commercial grower of the stevia plant in Australia. We are located in country Victoria, Australia.

Our goal is to produce quality stevia products for the food and beverage, health food and associated industries in Australia and overseas.

 Sweet Stevia Leaves  

Sweet Stevia Leaves  

Until now, all products containing the natural sweetener stevia, have been sourcing the raw product from countries such as India, Vietnam, South America or China.

Austevia is pretty excited about offering Australia 'home grown' stevia products of exceptional quality, grown by Australians for Australian consumers.

We like to think that we are pioneering a new and emerging crop for Australia.

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Stevia from Austevia is an ideal natural sweetener and a better choice than chemical and artificial sweeteners